Modern technology in engraving services

Currently, markings and steel marking stamps can be carried out with laser technologies. This type of engraving is a method where you use a laser beam to get the job done.

Industrial engraving is rising in manufacturing field. It can be used as laser material processing, laser marking, or laser micromachining.

This technique should be compared with other engraving solutions, in particular mechanical solutions such as milling. You should know that laser Engraving services offer many advantages that we will detail in this article.

Modern technology:

Modern electric branding iron machines can be used to alter almost any surface. Only a few thin layers are removed with each laser pulse.

Laser engraving therefore has much less risk of damaging or deforming the material since this technique is very precise. The illustrations using the lasers thus make it possible to keep the initial shape of the object, which is more practical for the personalization of the latter.

It is therefore a more efficient procedure than traditional engraving, especially for small objects such as jewelry or accessories.

The advantages of laser engraving:

Laser cut stencils have several advantages. It is a process that takes place without any contact with the materials used. However, this produces a very pleasant and convincing artistic result.

Laser engraving therefore has enormous advantages over traditional engraving methods by the precision and finesse of the finish. In addition, the completion time is very fast which gives better productivity.

In addition, the risk of damage to the material does not exist unlike manual or mechanical engraving. The laser engraving machine also ensures the protection of its user unlike the old engraving methods. Not requiring any contact with the material, this considerably reduces the risks for the latter.

Of course, depending on the material, you must use the appropriate laser technology. For example, for wood, slate, stone or even leather, the CO2 laser will be suitable when the laser or the fiber laser must be preferred for metal or plastic.

Even if the other techniques continue, laser engraving is in many cases preferable, regardless of the material to be engraved or marked. Note also that the laser can be used for cutting.


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