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Video production Dubai industry is thriving and has also set a standard as a medium of effective communication. Videos come in various shapes and sizes and it is more than just pressing the recorder button. It can be considered to be an art form which consists an utmost subtlety of a director. Skyrocket, one of the professional Dubai film production companies , is the pathfinder of the video production industry of Dubai. It is a digital communication partner that offers a range of services to their customers, which are TV commercial production, social video production, 2D/3D animation and corporate video production as well as event filming.


Video production company in Dubai 


The processes of video production vary depending on the budget, content and timeline. However, there is a basic structure necessarily followed by production houses for any video production. Leading video production company Dubai Skyrocket also treads on these following building blocks.




- Budget

- Project timeline

- Models (if required by the content)

- Shooting location

- Strategy for the video

- Story selection

- Innovative script formation

- Necessary video production equipment




- Setting up all the video equipments (camera, sound and lighting)

- Recording a voice-over (if the voiceover is needed, it is done beforehand and overlaid later on the project)

- Conducting meetings with crew and client.




- Video Editing

- Supporting video with necessary animations.

- Selection of proper music.

- Giving a final touch

- Reviews of crews


The video production company Skyrocket maintains a sharp focus on the pre-production stage of the flow. They take 3 important areas of development in their account, which are their client’s target, services they offer and the business drivers. The company constantly inspects all these aspects to gain foresight of what they are going to deliver. After developing the perception they work forward to write a script which is innovative as well as attractive at the same time.


Production houses in Dubai work also on storyline. Choosing a single storyboard can definitely get this industry monotonous so this video production company Dubai works on multiple storyboards to offer a variety in the design of a story. The production stage is highly important as all the underdone materials of any video is captured. The odd natural beauty and architectural marvel of Dubai are other attractions for the major video producing companies around the world.


Equipment happens to be an important part of any video production. Skyrocket is highly conscious about using the latest models of their video equipment which are.



- Sound Cards

- Video and audio mixers

- Condenser microphone

- Black magic 4.6k Cameras

- LED light sets


Skyrocket has a group of highly experienced crew from the Middle East who keeps this equipment operational.


Video production Dubai is a complicated art form as it consists of maximum number of loose ends. A director has to keep the script, the sound, ambience and many other subtle things in check. As a paramount video production house of Dubai, Skyrocket is dedicated to producing modern quality contents which comply with modern digital advertising platforms.


Skyrocket Media is aimed towards yielding crispy and brief videos of high resolution to attract any customer, which are at the same time entertaining and thought-provoking.



media production companies in dubai

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