Managing the dread of loneliness

It goes without saying that at one point or the other we will experience times when we are by ourselves. For some people, the fear of loneliness comes about due to various reasons. Getting to correct or manage this fear does take some time. The first step usually entails becoming comfortable with yourself and cultivating the self-confidence that you have the ability to manage it when alone. Nothing is really wrong being alone. If it really is a bother being alone, then seeing a counselor might help an individual sort out the issue.

Meanwhile, the following is a short list detailing techniques that can be deployed to ensure the dread of being alone doesn't grow to become a big issue in your life.

i) To start us off, find a type of activity you enjoy doing and where you also can meet many people. Good examples include joining the women's club, a volleyball group or a place where people make crafts. This can be a great way of meeting other people. Being engaged in something you like doing will not only make you a happy soul but will also increase your chances of making new friends.

ii) Spending some quality time with animals can be a great way of finding companionship. Whether you have a cat or go to a local shelter, taking some time to spend with a pet or animal can help a person feel better. Whether we are alone or not, animals are usually a good source of company.

iii) Lending a helping hand to others through community service can really help in managing the fear of being alone. Many people out there would really benefit through your time and the talents you have to offer. By helping other people, you find a source of pride and accomplishment which often leads to good friendships.

Being alone isn't fun, but there are worse things. Take for instance the case of a married person stuck in a relationship making them very miserable that they also can't get out of. Not only do they have to contend living with this other person, but also, no way exists of getting out of this relationship due to various personal or financial reasons. As a result, they are stuck living with a person they can't stand leading to a lot of depression for every single day of their life. With this viewpoint in mind, it honestly isn't that bad being alone.

iv) Spending some time with God for those who believe in him and praying can be of great help in times of solitude. Spending time with him and asking for his help in moments of loneliness usually brings about great comfort. God works in many ways and how he will work in your life may amaze you. Ask him for the help you need and trust in him to help you.

As a layman, doing something constructive is very important. By sitting around and not doing anything you won't make things any better, whether this means dealing with your fear of being alone or some other thing. Be sure to take a day at a time and stay in your determination to solve the problem.
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