Making of “Another life” and other activities of Izzat

Music composer cum producer, IZZAT have created great music and have gained a lot of popularity among the youth. This popularity has also created a lot of business opportunities for him.

You can also see, he involved in many different genre shows and activities as he has widened the horizon of his interests. He is highly passionate about different dance forms and has always tried to learn them. There are a few noticeable professional projects which make him do these dance forms.

Belonging of IZZAT:

The rising star belonging to Uzbekistan has gone through a lot of struggle and hardship, but then on a later stage, success had knocked on his doorstep.

During his struggle, he had attended different events, shows and weddings to earn some amount of money. With all this struggle and success stories, people have a huge amount of respect for IZZAT.

Many other networks provide service of spreading the Izzat news throughout the social media. Some are hired by Izzat itself to spread word of mouth. But now it has a great impact on the public which has helped him to gain more and more fame.

His creativeness has been praised even by other professional and experienced singers. The established singers believe that izzat mp3 will reach its peak in the coming years.

Making of “Another life”:

“Another Life” has been a great hit in recent times. It has collected over millions of views on YouTube and even on other channels. This has also created a new trend in the music industry as the music in the Izzat video has been modernized and given a contemporary touch.

Even the featuring of BRBN turned out very well as the collaboration produced the latest touch to the music. BRBN is also one of the renowned musicians who are widely known for her talent and skill execution in different videos. 

Other activities of Izzat:

There are other videos in the line which are being discussed to be aired very soon. It has great music created by izzat. There are even other activities that are being portrayed by this rising star.

He has been always keen to show his different talents which are in a growing stage. Among them, dance is one of the passions that have evolved in these recent years. Different dance forms are being expressed by this rising star.

So, in the making of this multi-talented star, creativeness has played a very important role. Here, have a look at the work of IZZAT on :


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