Lori Orme and Tiny Toes Homebirth Provide Prenatal Care

Lori Orme is there for every stage of a woman's pregnancy and delivery. Childbirth is not treated as a medical condition, but rather as a natural part of life. Lori Orme offers a safe alternative to hospital deliveries.

From standard prenatal appointments, to prenatal yoga and belly casting, Lori Orme offers a variety of different services. Lori Orme offers free consultation and preconception planning for people looking to get pregnant. All of Lori Orme’s prenatal appointments are in home. Belly casting is another service that Lori Orme provides. Helping a woman feel comfortable in her own home is important to having a calm and safe home delivery

Lori Orme has been attending births at home since 2001. She joined the midwives alliance in 2006 and became a certified professional midwife in 2007. Also in 2007, Lori Orme became a licensed midwife in the state of Virginia. In addition to being in attendance at the home birth, Lori Orme also offers birthing tub rentals to the expectant mother if she would like to deliver in water.

Lori Orme also offers in-home postpartum care and checkups for the mother and newborn for the first six weeks. Placenta encapsulation and tincturing is another service that Lori Orme offers. Placenta encapsulation is the process of creating a powder out of the placenta that will be used as a daily supplement for the mother. This is high in nutrients that the mother may have lost during delivery. Placenta tincture is the process of taking the fresh placenta and combining it with a solution of 95% proof drinking alcohol. This mixture stored in a glass jar for about 6 weeks. Then the mixture is strained and what remains is a very potent tincture of placenta in the alcohol. Placenta tincture is useful for all sorts of hormonal balancing.

Lori Orme is currently working as the owner and operator of Tiny Toes Homebirth in Warrenton/Fredericksburg, Virginia. Lori Orme has been working as a midwife in the area since 2007, and decided to take the leap and start her own small business opening up a midwifery practice for expectant mothers and has never looked back. She is thrilled at this progression in her career and is proud to offer new mothers top care while going through such an important time in their lives.

From pre-pregnancy consultations to postpartum services, Lori Orme is skilled at taking care of mother and baby.




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