LC Company – The Best Croquette Supplier of Zeebrugge

Versatile Food Items at LC Company

LC Company of Zeebrugge offers a variety of delicious food items like cheese croquettes   also known as garnaalkroketten zeebrugge for catering both business and individuals. They are famous for versatile and hand-made food items composed of highest product quality and tasty ingredients and the fresh shrimps are gathered directly from the sea. The extreme light as well as crispy shells are used to prepare their croquettes and panko bread crumbs of Japan origin are also used by them. The breadcrumbs are much fluffier and crispier than that of western version. Thus the croquettes are loved a lot by the customers.

The Best Quality Food forthe Customers

The Panko Shrimp Croquettes also called panko garnaalkroketten in Dutch contain about 40% of standard shrimps of the dough and they also provide an additional shrimp croquette which contains 45% of the dough shrimps. With the help of their dough and real dairy butter alongwith high quality cheese with no preservatives or added flavors they make the best quality food throughout the entire season.

Recipe for Croquette Preparation

They also provide a wide range of suggestions to prepare croquettes and only work with the seasonal products which are fresh and available in the market. So, there is no question to use preservatives which may affect our health.The recipe to prepare a delicious croquette is – 80 gram of goat cheese croquette with Ganda and Garnaalkroket or shrimp croquette, 75 grams of kreeftkroket and Veal sweetbread and lastly 80 grams of dill with salmon croquettes vol-au-vent and pheasant croquette. It is sufficient to cook croquettes for 9 to 10 minutes at about 170 degrees until it becomes golden brown.

Using a timer helps to dress the croquettes safely on the plate. For defrosting the croquettes, it is advisable to keep it at 4 degree centigrade in the fridge but for 7 days maximum. Hunger increases with the way of serving the food. The cheese and garnaalkroketten met panko can be served with addition to a wedge of lemon, fried parsley and if possible a crispy salad.

LC Company – Its Experience and Care for Customers

LC Company is just a family business which has an experience of about 40 years. They guarantee their product quality traditionally by preparing all the croquettes by hands only according to their traditional methods with much love for their customers as well as their profession. They also take the same care to deliver their products to the customers by their catering business.


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