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Laura Murphy of St Charles IL is a registered nurse at St Charles General Hospital. But before she began her nursing career, she spent nearly ten years as a technical writer, writing user manuals and installation guides for a small Chicago-based software company.


She has no regrets about her career switch, but looks back fondly to her years as a tech writer. "It was during that time that my daughters were born," she says. Laura Murphy of St Charles IL is the single mother of twin girls. It was important to her, when they were first born, to be able to stay close to them and at the same time provides for them, and her tech writing job allowed her to do that. "I worked remotely for years and years," she says today. "I'm still a big advocate of telecommuting."


Both of her daughters are remarkable strong willed and independent children, says Laura Murphy of St Charles IL. "Even when they were babies," she recalls. "They were the kind of babies you could never turn your back on, even for an instant, because they might see something that interested them and go crawling after it. Heather did that once and almost fell off the side of the couch."


Raising two lively and spirited girls on her own has been difficult, says Laura Murphy of St Charles IL. "Looking back now that the girls are a little older, I can see how emotionally spent I was most of the time. I was exhausted all the time too, of course – but what parent of young kids isn't? But the rewards far outweigh the difficulties. And it's usually just the good times that you remember anyway, right?"


Laura Murphy of St Charles IL says that there is no way she could have succeeded in raising her girls without the strong support team that backed her up. "What a blessing my friends are. I could not have done it without them. My friend Chelsea babysat for me a couple of afternoons a week. Janet and Caroline were the same. Chloe used to come over almost every day and make us all lunch. And Gwen, who has been my closest friend since high school, used to come by almost every single morning and play with the girls, keep an eye on them. Without all of that support I don't know if I could have met all the deadlines I had to meet."


After a few years, Laura Murphy of St Charles says that most of these women had children of their own, and it wasn't long before they had formed a playgroup that they all participated in. "We helped and supported each other," she says. "I was the weekend mom because of my job. But what a great period that was. All day Saturday and part of Sunday, a house filled with all these beautiful and rambunctious kids."


Laura Murphy St Charles IL

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