Know the DOD Instruction 5200.48 in detailed

The US Department of DefenceDoD released the standard 5200.48 to establish some set of policies and procedures for sharing controlled unclassified information. It is a set of rules that makes digital data sharing all the more stringent and highly secured.

Who is the DoD instruction 5200.48 for?

It is for any contractor vendor, and supplier of cloud technologies or any other organization that works with the US DoD on a contractual basis. The idea behind this is to ensure that the contractual parties are making sure that the digital information is being shared with utmost caution.

As the information shared with such companies and organizations is both important and highly classified military information of the country the company has set this standard for anybody who wants to work with US DoD.

What is the intention behind the implementation of the DoD instruction 5200.48?

The real intention of the US DoD was to avoid cyber attacks in the DoD cloud computers and servers. The data is shared with the contractual third parties and is at high risk because they might not have to handle critically important military data and information in a proper manner.

In the light of a few earlier cyber attacks, the US DoD had no other option but to set up the DoD instructi9on 5200.48 and a few other protocols and standards for sharing any type of controlled classified information.

How does the DoD 5200.48 work?

Each organization working or willing to work with the US DoD is required to be granted authorization from the government before it can handle classified US military data.

The standard security requirements are specified in the 5200.48 and the NIST 800-171 standards for sharing CUI with the contractual workers.

But some other organizations need to maintain and implement more security protocols for benefit of national security as per the US NSA (National Security Agency).

How does the DoD maintain the security measures?

The DoD apart fro the 5200.48 standards have specified its contractual parties to monitor CUI at all times and maintain extreme precaution. The US DoD CUI has been organized into more detail such as defensive data, private data, and proprietary data.

This list of indexes is maintained by the US DoD in its registry website and link. Any contractual party found violating the standard is the guilt of legal action and even blacklisting.

How can Ariento help you?

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