Know about various benefits of Bamboo Flooring

A parkett bambus is a natural surface that has most of the properties of a solid wood floor. It shares many of the benefits of an industrieparkett, in the same way as its weaknesses. The more this material is known, the better informed is the one who wants to install it, the better you can take care and maintain your investment.


Ecologically friendly:

Bamboo products are made of natural vegetation. The bamboo plant is a highly renewable source that is able to reach maturity in as little as 3 to 7 years. This is much faster than hardwood trees that can take up to twenty years or more to reach maturity.

Positive Social Impact:

It also grows in non-forested natural areas, and its extraction is done manually, selecting mature plants, which grow back on the same stem, work is done in general by small communities that then work the material, giving labor and roots to populations that have been doing this work for decades.

Natural Material:

The use of natural materials is an important trend in the world of construction (and in general, considering that we are all more informed of the negative effects of climate change). To the extent that people are more informed and aware, they demand products that reflect their values ​​looking for consistent materials.


There are certain types of bamboo which are used as bambusparkett and other construction elements that are extremely strong, hard and durable. 

The durability of the bambus produkte floors is directly associated with a form of responsible consumption since it is a material for many years of use.


This material is more resistant to damage than can be caused by an accident with water and stains of other materials than are the wooden floors, since they are less porous. However, water is always a problem with Woven Parkett.


Bamboo floors are relatively easy to maintain. Reach with a soft brush, a mop, vacuum regularly. Occasionally, as with any floor, pass a wet mop, with water and some neutral detergent, or with specialized products will reach to have your floor always in optimal conditions.
As with any wooden floor, it is important to avoid punching elements on the surface, such as being very sharp chair legs, dragging furniture or heavy objects, not dragging sand or stones on the floor. It is always recommended to put a plush under chairs and legs of tables and furniture, and place a doormat at the entrance to the house.


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