Know about the differences between Membrane Switches Vs. Mechanical:

If you want to professionalize your way of playing, you may be considering changing the keyboard and it is not a novelty that mechanical keyboards are considered as the best keyboards you can have. 

Membrane switch keypad is very common and quite cheaper, so it can also be more attractive for those users with a low budget. What makes a mechanical keyboard better than a membrane one? Let us do a quick review of membrane switches Vs mechanical.

Differences between mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards

The keyboards are one of the most important elements in our desktop, they are fundamental to interact with the computer. Within the keyboard, there is no doubt that mechanics have taken over the current gaming market. 

Mechanical keyboards have a very important advantage over membrane ones: the path of their keys when pressed, something that allows us to play more accurately in combination with the mouse.

In a mechanical keyboard, we have a more comfortable keystroke than in a membrane one and depending on the model, we can get feedback. In addition, we have a large number of switches for these keyboards in the market that allows us to choose how easy and loud we want the pulsation to be. 

Of course, one of the biggest drawbacks of mechanical keyboards is its sound, which we can now avoid with silent switches.

Mechanical keyboards usually have a much higher price than printable membrane keypad, something that is easily justified with their technology compared to membrane ones, since the keys can be replaced very easily and have a much longer life expectancy than a membrane keyboard: 20 - 50 million keystrokes per key versus 1 - 10 million keystrokes per key. 

Membrane keyboard:

On the other hand, stock membrane switches are considered to be more uncomfortable to write since when using them the pulsation is flat and without any tactile feedback. 

These types of keys have a very simple operation that is based on joining two parts of a circuit separated in sheets. They are usually very low and their route is very small. Today there are many membrane switches manufacturers in the market.

These types of keyboards also have functionalities that we find in mechanics such as RGB LED backlighting and at a much lower price. 

Membrane keyboards are extremely quiet and we won't have to worry about the noise they emit. In addition, these keyboards are much lighter than a mechanic made with the same materials, which gives them greater portability.


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