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People fear what they do not understand. Sharia law often falls into this category. But why? You may be surprised to learn that it is not very different from the positive principles that we try to teach children as kindness and responsibility. Schools around the world ask students to follow the rules of conduct. Companies and organizations have codes of ethics and values for employees.

What is the Sharia Law?

The word Sharia literally means "the way" and it is understood that it means the way of salvation. The Sharia Law is an Islamic guide to help Muslims achieve high moral and ethical codes of conduct in society. According to Concept of Ummah it addresses much more than just legal issues. Highlight the importance of daily interactions and courtesies with members of society. The principles of Sharia are based on the words of God in the Qur'an and on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. Sharia's main objective is to promote fair and equitable treatment of women, children, neighbours, the needy and even nature.

Economy in Islam

Through the oceans and cultures, it is a commonly accepted rule that The Muslim Character should not commit murders. Humans, in general, follow the rules and live life according to the universal moral code. Society is also based on morality, but morality alone is not enough because it is subjective. For Muslims, these guidelines and morals come from the Creator and, therefore, a Muslim strives to be an ideal model for society. Therefore, not only individuals but communities can thrive under these guidelines.

Sharia is not a book of commandments like those in Exodus. It is not a legal document for the witch hunt. It is not a call to arms or the rejection of Western society. It is simply a basis for addressing the enigmas of life.

Sharia ask Citizens to Respect the Law

Islamic law does not encourage Muslims to reject the constitution of the land in which they reside. This does not replace the rules of a government. In fact, Sharia orders Muslims to follow the laws that surround them, unless they contradict the Creator's guidelines. According to Sharia it is must to pay Tax in Islam.

The reason why most constitutions protect freedom of religion is because our predecessors recognized the goodness of religion and the fact that intolerance is the true cause of the social collapse. Do you see a threat when a Muslim fasts during the month of Ramadan donates a portion of his wealth to the poor or prays five times a day?

Sharia Defends Women's Rights

Sharia laws aim to protect women from financial burdens and hold men accountable for the welfare of their wives and children, regardless of whether a woman has her own personal wealth. A woman's property is exclusively yours and can never be taken by her husband, brother or father. This type of financial independence is a recent right for most modern societies.

Contrary to popular belief, Sharia is not a set of barbaric and violent laws that govern with extremism.



The Muslims are united in one ummah, or community. According to concept of Ummah Quranic values of Jihad, Islamic self-determination and Muslim self-governance by Shariah law are all obligatory for the Ummah.

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