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CMMC is the latest issued certificate for DoD. It is the certificate that is issued to the companies that are handling with internet by any means and the purpose of the same is to protect hacking and other security threats related to the cyber world. Here the rules have changed a lot from that of earlier methods and the same has been made even more secured with some latest inputs.

The importance of the same is out there till the end. As Ariento describes the same in brief to you, you will understand how much that is important for you. Here are the short details of the major issues that are attached to the same –

This is associated with all companies of all sizes

The previous certification was made ready for big firms only. But this is not the case with CMMC. CMMC is applicable for all firms of all sizes and that is the biggest issue that you will need to consider. Be your firm is a small contracting one or a larger firm, be you are a small vendor or a medium third party vendor, the certificate is applicable for all and hence the importance is of this is there for all.

No Self-assessment

Self-assessment of the firms about their cybersecurity is not applicable anymore. According to CMS, there has to be an audit for you and that has to be conducted at least by some small third party vendor. There is thus no other scope of self-assessment and hence your plan for the same will not work anymore.

No more fines

The last certificate policy of 2016 is not applicable anymore. You will not be fined for your faulty audit reports. Rather the same will be effective on your firm in a different way. You will not be able to bid anymore for any DoD contracts, instead of fine giving. Hence, CMMC is much more threatening than that of the earlier model and you cannot fix things with just a fine anymore.

5-level security

The new certificate policy is going to secure your company from hacking by 5 models and hence it is very much tight now. Recently cybersecurity is the biggest threat to the companies and keeping that in the eye, the same has been inserted for you.

Ariento is the company that is ready to give you support with your audits, hardware protection, and all other supports regarding CMMC. Hence get in touch at to know about CMMC Readiness and find the needful support.



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