Kidz Luv It Here on Preschool vs. Childcare Centers

If you speak to any child development expert, most will agree that a preschool program gives children the best advantage in preparing them for kindergarten and beyond. Kidz Luv It Here is a children's center offering  preschool classes and other enrichment classes where children are offered an award-winning, research based learning environment for premium enrichment. The educational curriculum at Kidz Luv It Here clearly shows how they differ from other preschool programs and childcare centers.

Kidz Luv It Here knows there is a big difference between preschool and childcare. Childcare centers do not have to provide parents with educational programs, they typically have longer operating hours, and children are accepted as early as at 6 weeks old. Kidz Luv It Here stands out from other preschool programs and childcare centers.

Kidz Luv It Here will provide children with a certified learning curriculum, exposing your children to new educational experiences. Children will interact with others through a variety of classes designed for early childhood education, which will prepare them to succeed in kindergarten.

The classes at Kidz Luv It Here were designed and implemented by our founder, a child development expert. In coordination with renowned professionals in the field of education, Kidz Luv It Here has created an innovative curriculum which provides a unique experience for young children.

Kidz Luv It Here knows that children in preschool programs have a significant advantage over those who do not attend. Kidz Luv It Here has classes designed to help children with the development of fine and gross motor skills. Children will learn to expand their creativity, make friends, and advance their social development. Each class at Kidz Luv It Here gives children free play, circle time, and music, encouraging experimentation in movement and physical activities.

Kidz Luv It Here provides children and parents an environment of enriched learning with an award-winning, research based educational program.


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