Jacob McGoldrick: The Nuances of Our Environmental Situations

Jacob McGoldrick is a very environmentally-friendly individual who offers a unique perspective on the global situation that is unfolding before our very eyes. The protection of the environment is a tricky situation. Most people wish to live in an environment that is as healthy as possible, yet other concerns easily become more pressing, concerns such as employment in the present economy. The shift to a greener economy is one that would result in severe unemployment if done instantaneously, which leads to many people being complacent or even slightly suspicious of anyone who suggests transitioning in 'green' changes.

There are also a number of global, sociological issues that are effecting the situation, says Jacob McGoldrick. A relatively recent phenomena is the rapid modernization of countries such as China, India, and Brazil. These countries have enormous populations; the massive increase in people buying middle-class, industrial goods such as cars, refrigerators, and AC systems has drastically outpaced improvements in the 'cleanliness' of industries such as energy, transportation, or manufacturing. Indeed, humans are putting a far greater strain on the environment than ever before.

The solution, Jacob McGoldrick says, lies on the shoulders of engineers, scientists, or anyone creative enough to devise more efficient means of feeding, powering, and entertaining our civilization. There is precedent for humanity rising to overcome a similar challenge. Around the turn of the 20th century major cities in America were being inflicted with an environmental catastrophe; huge amounts of horse dung were piling up in walls around the city, lining the crowded streets, and infiltrating into groundwater. The situation was a public health nightmare. Officials and intellectuals met in New York City to brainstorm a solution. The result; talks broke down a few days into the meeting due to hopelessness and pointlessness.

Life is full of irony, says Jacob McGoldrick. The environmental and health crisis ended up being diverted due to the introduction of a brand new creature; the automobile. We can feel confident that necessity truly is the mother of invention. The problem, Jacob McGoldrick continues, is that procrastination is the father of necessity. We have had plenty of time to transition to a greener economy but vested interests have stood in the way, to little surprise. Our system is very much dependent on fossil fuels for energy; thus, the solution lies in the contribution of all citizens. We cannot rely only on businesses and governments because the organization and coordination that is necessary must be conducted at the ground level.

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