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Fast food in Italy:

Food options in Italy include fast food. Although the territory contains numerous store units such as Mc Donald’s and Burger King, Italians are quite food resistant.

Although not traditional Italian cuisine, the option is a cheap form of food for tourists, a combo can cost between 6 and 8 Euros. In tourist cities, the value increases. 


In Italy, the pizzas are favorite.

The pizza is sold in pieces, called “taglio”, or round and whole. The latter is an individual portion. Yes, a pizza for each person with a unique flavor. Some pizzerias already offer family size, but the common one is to eat their own.

The price in tourist cities can be close to 10 Euros, in smaller or more remote locations can be halved. The tourist cities of Italy are generally considered the most beautiful Italian cities so the prices are higher. If you are planning to start your Italian restaurant, do not hesitate to contact us. We are one of the Italian Tomato suppliers.


It is one of the most famous Italian dishes and is sold and cooked with long strands. It should not be broken when cooking and much less eating.

Italians wrap the spaghetti on the fork and using a spoon as support is an invention. Another issue that involves the pasta is the grated cheese. If it is not served at the table it is because the dish does not match the extra and will spoil the taste of the ingredients.

So, abide by the local rules, after all, you may be savoring an incredible mass overlooking the main sights of Italy.

Ice cream:

Italian ice cream, the famous gelato, is known for prioritizing natural products and not using dyes or preservatives in their compositions.
A practical way to know if the gelateria is good and meets these standards is to check the color of pistachio ice cream, which is a traditional flavor and is easy to find in any establishment.

If the pistachio ice cream is green, the place usually uses artificial ingredients, especially colorings. Ideally, the color should be close to brown, original color of pistachio.

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