Ireland Start-up Visa Program

Ireland, the beautiful stable and rich European country invites businessmen looking to expand their wings to the country through their Start-up Visa Ireland Program. Ireland is the hub for most corporates to open their offices as a window to Europe. Ireland is a very sorted place and is conducive for migrants to adjust and settle in the place. The corporate taxes in Ireland are less in comparison to other European countries and in addition they have high class infrastructure available for the purpose of conducting business.

European Investment programs offer high net-worth investors options to invest either in the real estate of the country or in the business of the country. In exchange for the investment, the countries grant either citizenship or residency permit for the investors. Both of these investment types can bring in the right returns on investments. There are other benefits attached to either of the investment pathways, one of which is travel or access to multiple countries. One of the biggest advantages of living in Europe is the kind of environment there. Most countries have maintained a balance between their heritage, culture and the modernized life style. The countries have also been able to check the amount of de-forestation in their country and thus ensure the air pollution to be under control. For example, in Ireland, there is a lot of modernization happening. However, the citizens of Ireland have come up with alternate solutions for travel, construction and such other matters which could have otherwise lead to increase in pollution levels in the country.

With the start-up visa Ireland program, the investor will earn initially 2 years of residency permit in Ireland. This can be further renewed for 3 years period. After this initial 5 years of living in Ireland, the investor qualifies for Permanent Residency in Ireland. The investors qualify to bring their immediate family on this program. It requires that the investor invests a minimum of €94,000, with total cost of the program being €152,000. This program’s main intention is to support high-potential business ideas in the country. The business idea should be scalable and viable which should be able to generate a minimum of 10 jobs for the locals there.

This program has high potency, but can be processed only with help of the international investment immigration agent. XIPHIAS Immigration is one such international investment immigration agent which is authorized to help investors utilize this pathway to relocate to Ireland.

This program requires that the investor start their business in Ireland, pay salaries for director and for self too along with bearing the insurance costs. XIPHIAS provides the right connections for their clients to help them through the whole process. They guide their clients into taking their business to the next level in Ireland.

International investments are an interesting proposition and open gates for more opportunities and markets to explore. This is one of the key components for growth and Europe is one of the richest markets to explore. The continent is economically and politically stable, providing high potential for growth and development.

It is important to work with the right immigration partners to ensure success in each of the pursuits one undertakes.




Start-up Visa Ireland Program

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