How To Take Care Of Your Driving When Dense Fog Rolls In?

You have to take care of your driving in dense fog to keep yourself and your loved ones safe on the road. Thus, pay close attention to the tips mentioned below for driving safe when heavy fog rolls in on the road ahead.


Drive slowly!

The visibility is way lesser when there’s fog on the road. You might not see someone standing, walking, or even driving another vehicle from a distance. Thus, you need to drive slowly to see if someone is present in the vicinity of your car.


Driving slowly also enables you to use the break on time, avoiding to hit anything or anyone in your way.


Park at a secured spot and wait

When the visibility diminishes almost to nil, it’s always best that you park the car around the corner. There is no point in Driving Training like a pro and ending up on the wrong side of the road and hitting someone or something unknowingly.


For this, you have to find a safe spot on the road. Then, wait for a while for the fog to disperse, and it continues to move and will spread soon enough. 


Do not unnecessarily use the hazard lights

You have to read the traffic rules thoroughly and understand that hazard lights are used only when your vehicle is not in motion. It is the signal of danger ahead for the other vehicles coming from the front side. 


Using the hazard lights while you are in motion is pointless and very negligent on your part. It could end up creating chaos and accidents on the road amidst the fog. So, use the hazard lights carefully once if you are parked around the corner in the fog.


It will let others know to move carefully when they are near the light coming out of your car in the fog. 


Use the fog beams or lights

When your vehicle is in motion, the best lights that benefit you are the fog beams or lights. They work effectively through visibility or dense fog situations. These lights let you know if something is standing or moving in front of your vehicle to a certain distance that it makes your driving smooth on the road. 


Also, you can use the fog lamps or beams at the backside of your car. This alerts those who are coming from behind you. They will know immediately how much distance they must maintain between your vehicle and theirs. 


Make use of the windshield wipers

The moisture and ice left by the heavy dew in the fog can create glare on your car’s front window. Use windshield to remove the excess moisture or ice from the same. This way, you will have the best view while driving amidst the dense fog. 



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