How to take care of my clothes and wear them in style?

It is not only about being fashionable or having a style to dress. Taking care of the clothes we use to keep them in good condition is one of the most important keys of every person who boasts of dressing well. If you want to take care of your clothes, it is advisable to use Laundry service more often.


Some simple tips can help you get them, at Laundry service, we explain how to take care of your clothes and wear them in style so that you look great every day.


Steps to follow:


1. Never leave the house with a garment that looks old, too worn or that you know is broken. This says loudly that you don't care about your care and that the style doesn't interest you at all.


In the same way, any garment that is in these states deserves to be thrown away.


2. If a lining or jacket is broken, sew it as soon as possible, as it will continue to tear, which can cause the garment to be damaged or that, when hung from a chair or coat rack, it is noted that inside it is shattered.


3. The main thing to know how to take care of clothes and wear them in style is to know the importance of washing. Many times due to errors in this task our clothes end up stained or damaged, so find out how you should classify the laundry to wash, what the symbols on the labels mean and what are the main tricks to wash your clothes well.


4. Pay special attention to your underwear, particularly the straps of the bras. They should look clean, particularly when you wear t-shirts that can leave them insight. This simple detail reveals that you are a neat and careful person.


5. The shoes are the garments that they use most, so they deteriorate and stain very easily. To take care of them and maintain the style it is important to clean them frequently on the outside and inside, and make sure that the sole is in good condition to maintain the health of our feet. Remember that the heel cap must be changed before it is completely consumed.


So that your clothes look neat and in good condition, it is very important to take care of the pieces that need it.


6. And finally, choose quality hangers for your clothes. These will help you maintain order in the wardrobe while decreasing the possibility that the clothes will wrinkle or deform, something common in pieces with woolen or delicate fabrics.


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