How to remove mold stains from clothes?


The appearance of mold stains on clothing can result from several factors, including humidity in the closet or the walls of our room. Especially cotton garments and other organic materials are a perfect source of food for the appearance of mold. So, we must take special care with this type of clothing if we want to prevent this from happening.


But, if the moisture has impregnated your clothes and you want to know how to remove mold stains from clothes, in this article by liox cleaners & laundry, we show you some very effective tricks.


How to know if the clothes have mold?


Mold spots on clothes are very harmful, not only for your clothes but also for you. They can cause skin rashes, sneezing and other allergy symptoms. One way to recognize mold spots before seeing them is through smell.


When the mold spots are quite large, the clothes give off a strong smell of almost unbearable moisture. For this reason, you must control the humidity of your house and avoid the appearance of these spots. In addition, mold can be seen with the naked eye.


How to remove mold stains from clothes?


As suggested by liox cleaners & laundry, a very effective way to remove mold stains from white clothes is to soak the garment with water and bleach.


- Add half a cup of bleach per liter of water and stir well.

- Leave the garment to soak for an hour or two, depending on the greatness of the stain.

- After this time, wash your clothes as you normally would.

- You mustn't introduce color clothes by mistake, otherwise, they could fade.


How to remove mold spots on colored clothes?


Vinegar is another very effective product to remove mold stains from colored clothes, in this case. Also, it is a powerful remedy against the bad smell produced by mold.


- Take a bucket or any other container.

- Add a cup of white vinegar per liter of water and stir well.

- Then soak the stained items for one or two hours.

- Once this time has passed, wash the laundry with detergent as you usually do.

- If the stain continues, repeat the process.


We are sure these tips suggested by liox cleaners & laundry will work. In case, if you are still not able to remove the mold stains, you can use our professional dry cleaning service.


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