How to prepare your house for a partys

Throwing a house-party is fun but it’s also a big hassle sometimes. Here are some tips which will make it a bit less stressful.


I don't mean just tidy up (although of course that goes without saying) I mean clean up and put away any valuables. Even the most civil party can get a little bit out of hand when alcohol is involved or at least have the occasional guest who looses his/her balance. So make sure anything that can be broken is safely stored away so you can relax and not worry.

 Get food and drink

Yes, this is an obvious one but still needs to be mentioned. If you don't want the entire next day to be spent cleaning and scrubbing floors, make sure the food is not too messy. Avoid any creams or foods that will stain and stick with food that you will only need to vacuum off the floor. Also don't forget to provide napkins, lots of them! The easiest (albeit not the eco-friendliest) way to serve food and drink is with disposable red cups and plates. It will save you a lot of headache when it comes to cleaning up and you won’t have to worry about any broken items. Also do not forget to provide water at all times. When people drink alcohol they tend to actually hydrate themselves so it’s a good idea to have water on hand to remind them.


You don’t have to go overboard but a little decoration goes a long way. Get some streamers and balloons to make the atmosphere. They’re going to also be a lot of fun when people start to party. Because who doesn’t love balloons right?


This is very important. Test your sound system and make a good playlist. You can also ask your guests to bring some music but in that case you risk someone bringing something everyone else will hate which creates that awkward situation, where you need to “casually” prevent the person from playing the music. I would suggest that you make a playlist of music that will please everyone as much as possible, oldies seem to be a very safe option, and enforce the “no music wishes” rule.

 Don’t annoy the neighbours

You should warn them, subtly at least by putting up balloons or some sort of hint outside the house the day before. If they’re ready for a party, they will be a lot less inclined to complain about the noise than if they’re surprised and just want to get an early night. If possible of course, try not to be too loud but we know that sometimes that’s unavoidable. Don’t throw a party on days when you know people will be going to bed early and try to pick a holiday, when people will be a lot more tolerant of celebrations. And if they were good neighbours and didn’t call the police on you, you can subtly thank them by bringing them some left over cake. Everyone appreciates good cake.




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