How to Give Good Online Church Sermons!

Delivering good sermons online is possible when you know the correct steps to follow. Read those adequate steps you cannot miss written below.

Study well about the topic before delivering the sermon

You must practice delivering the same sermon at least twice or thrice before going live online. This is the easiest and useful suggestion for those new to giving speeches online or ever in their lives.

When you practice sermons by heart, you will learn the basics of the topic you want to preach. This way, you won’t learn it word-for-word unnecessarily. Even your mind automatically learns the fundamental points which you want to focus on during the online sermon.

Prepare flashcards to help you with points.

It’s okay and easy to prepare flashcards of your sermon. You can write down any short information like a few words, scenes, or episodes. From these words, you will easily remember what you want to talk about now.

These flashcards help your memory to run back and know the entire line of the sermon you want to deliver. However, these flashcards must be in points. This way, you don’t look down on the flashcard repeatedly. Otherwise, it can be a put off for those who are new to attending online sermons themselves.

Do not lie to your audience and preach what you believe in

This is similar to the Gospel in delivering excellent and effective online church sermons. You cannot preach something which you don’t know or have nothing to do with. Talk about only those topics that affect your mind, body, heart, and soul. This way, you will be most genuine in delivering the best sermon of your life.

This is the way your listeners will be more curious and attracted to you. That generally happens because of the way you speak when you are interested in a topic. So, when you are preaching a subject you love or have been affected with, your dialect would be entirely different.

Talk to the experts in case you don’t know the basics.

If you have never delivered a sermon, seek help from those who are the masters. The best example today is Pastor Keion Henderson. He delivers world-class online sermons. You can catch hold of his sermons online at usually any leading social media platform.

When you listen to his sermons, you will learn ample latest content to talk about. You will also see how he delivers online sermons with finesse. Or else, you can get in touch with experts like Pastor Keion Henderson himself to know about the basics of delivering good sermons online whenever possible.


If you want to attend live sermons before preparing one for yourself, you can easily visit today. You can check the information about the live sermons delivered by Pastor Keion Henderson himself on this website at any time.


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