How do I wash colored things?

For the first time, it is better to wash new things manually, separate from the others. You will be able to see if the clothes have melted and if the water is stained. In the future, make it a rule not to mix it with other fabric products when washing.

As guided by the New York Dry Cleaning service, colored clothing should be washed at a temperature of not more than 40 degrees. 60 degrees is allowed for washing towels and bed linen, but no higher.

- If you use a washing machine, select the desired mode, depending on the type of fabric.

- For colored items, use powder or gels to prevent the light colors from fading. Only use bleach as a last resort and should not contain chlorine.

- Do not accumulate - wash immediately, in small quantities. For example, load bed linen immediately after switching to the machine.

- If spots are found, treat them as quickly as possible, as it will be much harder to deal with soiling.

- For synthetic products, The use of chlorine bleach is not recommended.

- White cotton items, especially sheets or towels, can be starchy - they stay clean longer.

- After washing it is recommended to iron clothes made of natural fabrics with a hot iron, especially for children's items.

- Never mix white or colored items when washing, unless you want to have complicated stains that can not be removed.

White things are a classic of the style, in the wardrobe, there must be white and black things. Everyone loves to walk in white, from small to big. White summer dresses, T-shirts, jeans - in summer white hats, turtleneck and sweater - in winter.

Clothing of this color is young and refreshing but requires special care. Some are afraid of white things, just because they are dirty. But it pays off to master the little tricks of caring for snow-white clothing, and you can afford to wear white whenever you want.

We'll tell you how to remove white things so as not to spoil them.

- Boric acid not only bleaches but also ensures the disinfection of things

- If you want to whiten linen and do it at home, various folk remedies suggested by New York Dry Cleaning service will help you. Many generations of homemakers have successfully tested and helped lighten things up without failing. You can always get a snow-white color with the following tools Boric acid or Ammonia.


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