How can I Become a Great Leader?

While leadership courses are great for enhancing knowledge; becoming a dynamic leader rests in your own capacity to navigate your internal emotional "landscape." If certain debilitating blocks impair this internal landscape, then your knowledge cannot help you to lead effectively and confidently. A great leader possesses qualities that embody a strong emotional connection with their self and their values.

If for instance, you learn from a leadership course how to help your team members come to agreement, but then you find yourself handicapped by an internal block that is keeping you from performing this function to the fullest, then where are you? This is contrary to the common adage "knowledge is not power," at least not when emotional blocks get in the way. You can gain all the knowledge you think you need, but then you will likely struggle when trying to execute on what you have learned. The niggling critical self talk will pop up in the back of your mind and you will likely talk yourself out of your abilities and your capability to be a leader.

Becoming a great leader rests on your ability to master the inner emotional landscape. Individuals who manifest greatness are able to display courage, inner strength, integrity, high moral principles, clarity of vision, empathy, understanding, self-confidence, charisma, a sense of determination and a depth of self-knowledge. No one is born with these qualities, but they can be mastered in a short time span. This is something you can learn, but first you must remove any blocks that are inhibiting your ability to lead.

All you have to do is erase whatever emotional "impediments to greatness" were programmed into you, such as fear of failure, self-doubt, fear of making mistakes, taking responsibility or delegating tasks, and the need to be in control or impress others. Felicity Muscat, who founded the Institute of Self Mastery has written many eBooks on the subject of removing emotional impediments to leadership. They can be found on the website.
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