Hire an IT Professional to protect your Business from Ransomware

Do you think the IT infrastructure of your business is safe from phishing attacks and malware? Do you know about the new problem that is affecting millions of businesses across the world? Ransomware is an epidemic that is causing losses to several businesses and forcing a few to shut down their business forever.

Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts you from accessing your computer. It was 1989 when the first ransomware was developed in Russia. Since then, it has become more sophisticated and perilous. According to 2017 Threat Predictions by McAfee Labs, total ransomware has grown by 80% in 2016. In 2017, the company predicts that there will be more hardware and firmware attacks.

How Ransomware puts your Business at Risk?

There are different types of ransomware that affect the IT infrastructure of your business. An encrypting ransomware encrypts your files and doesn't allow you access to it. If your computed is infected by it, you will be able to decrypt it only after receiving the key from the cyber-criminal. Also, there are non-encrypting ransomware that simply restrict you from accessing the system and display counterfeit messages from law enforcement organizations.

Prevention is better than Cure

Businesses are more prone to cyber-attacks because cyber-criminals know that businessmen have assets to pay ransom. Also, they understand that if customers come to know about a security breach, they will take their business elsewhere. Fear of losing customers makes businessmen a weak target for criminals.

If you are a businessman, you must take measures to prevent ransomware attacks on your business. Here's how you can do it:

>>Update operating system regularly.

>>Install and update anti-virus regularly.

>>Back up data habitually and store it in external hard-drives.

>>Train employees not to access any unknown website or link.

>>Block IP addresses that seem suspicious.

>>Disable Macros and block .exe, .zip, .rar, etc. attachments to prevent a cyber-attack.

Managing a successful business in today's competitive world is not easy. And, if your business is attacked by a ransomware, it makes things all the more difficult. It can damage your business reputation and put its existence at stake. So, it is very important to ensure total security of your business along with taking care of day-to-day operations. If you think managing everything single-handedly is overwhelming, hire an IT professional. He will manage the IT infrastructure of your business and make sure that it stays protected against ransomware and other malware. It will give you ample time to grow your business and take it to new heights of success.
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