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Laser Engraving is a production process that allows the removal of material from the surface of the part leaving an area in low relief.

By utilizing the high power light beam, that is, the Laser, it is possible to clean and efficiently burn virtually any shape, whether lines or drawings.

How does it work?

The laser machine has its power and positioning adjusted so that the light beam does not exceed the part to be engraved, allowing only the surface where the laser focal point is at the defined depth to melt.

Custom stencils can be done on almost any material depending on the power of the machine, especially acrylics, plastics, and wood.

Because it is a laser engraving, the finish is perfect compared to other processes such as milling that would require much longer and the complexity of production would be greater, but in reality, each process has its application.

More delicate and complex items, with low hardness, are often made with the laser, complex and shallow depth engravings on both soft and hard materials that can also be made with a laser.

Die sinking is used in virtually every industry, from medicine to engineering, parts that need to be tracked often get laser engraved on their surface, nameplates, acrylic displays, acrylic displays and more.

It is important to know how to differentiate embossing from printing. Embossing is the removal of material from the part‚ leaving an area in low relief relative to the surface or the other depends on the design.

While printing does not remove the material but adds ink in this case, there is also the impression that burns leaving a mark, but without removing the heated material.

Engraving is also widely used in handicrafts and the making of gifts such as key chains, rulers and the textile industry in leather engraving.

CNC-controlled cutting machine:

CNC-controlled cutting allows for detailed cutting control - up to tenths of a millimeter precision - without scratching and damaging the work piece surface.

Supported files are diverse, such as CAD, CDR and other formats, which makes the system very versatile.

If the design changes during production, just modify the file and it can be re-cut, no need to create new tooling, because the laser machine does not use auxiliary tools for cutting, such as stamping between others.

It is a technology that allows maximum utilization of the part, reducing waste and helping the environment by consuming fewer raw materials.

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