Greece – Many things and wonders to discover

Greece is an incredible country. There are so many things and wonders to discover both on land and at sea. For a holiday out of the ordinary, a sea trip promises great experiences, especially aboard a Catamaran charter Greece.

If you have chosen to explore the Ionian Islands, plan a minimum cruise week to fully appreciate your stay. After seeing Zante or Zakynthos in the western part, head towards Kefalonia for a discovery stopover: the Melissani cave and the Drogarati cave or lazing around. 

Indeed, there is no shortage of beaches in Kefalonia (Xi Beach, Myrtos Beach, Petani Beach among others). 

A little further north, you will be surprised by the beauty of Lefkada Island (Milos Beach) and its natural wonders (Nidri Waterfalls). Still, in your project to discover the Ionian Islands, you can continue your journey from Lefkada to Corfu without forgetting to pass by Paxos and enjoy the sun, its clear water, and its calm which invites you to relax with Yachting Greece.

Arriving in Corfu, it is ecstasy in front of historical wonders such as the Temple of Artemis or the Achilleion in addition to the breathtaking landscape. 

As a family, a visit to Aqualand Park is a must during a stopover in Corfu. Back on board, you can then set sail for the other islands, notably Parga, Méganisi and Ithaca before returning to Zakynthos.

Family holidays to discover the Cyclades:

An authentic journey dotted with beautiful surprises, your journey in the Cyclades archipelago will certainly be unforgettable. Departing from Athens, head for Kea, a small island still untouched by mass tourism. You will love discovering its beaches, notably Koundouros Beach, but also posing in front of the famous Lion of Kea, an enormous archaic sculpture. 

After a few moments of relaxation and tasting of local dishes in one of the island's restaurants, head to Mykonos. Unmissable island of the Cyclades, Mykonos will certainly appeal to lovers who will not miss a visit to Little Venice for anything in the world. 

From Mykonos, aboard your Catamaran charter, your next stop could be Santorini, this legendary island that makes holidaymakers dream. During your stopover, there is no shortage of activities in Santorini: swimming in the thermal waters, treating yourself to a candlelit dinner on the Caldera or enjoying a sunbath at Red Beach without forgetting to contemplate the famous sunset that makes Santorini famous. 

Before returning to Athens, you will enjoy going through the islands of Siphnos and Kythnos, enjoying their landscapes from the deck of your rental yacht.

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