Greece: Heart of Civilization and Paradise for Yacht Tours

Dotting the idyllic waters of the Mediterranean, the Greek islands have been praised by poets, artists, and mystics for millennia. This paradise that forms the heart of civilization is an ideal destination for stays in luxury motor yacht charter Greece.

If you are planning to hire the best yacht charter Corfu, you can visit following incredible places. 


Greece has about 6,000 islands. Having all their own charms and their own characteristics, they tirelessly attract boats in an irresistible way, like the siren song of mythology. 

From gastronomy to ancient ruins, passing through customs and traditions, landscapes, climate and the dynamic and attractive lifestyle of Greece, enchant 12 months a year. 

The best way to explore the countless Greek islands is from your own yacht rentals Greece. It gives you the advantage of exploring most of the islands accessible only by sea, avoiding the hordes of tourists.

Rich in history and traditions:

Greece is rich in history and traditions, Greece is a country with unrivaled hospitality and attractions. The 5 groups of islands are the Cyclades, the Sardonic Islands, the Dodecanese, the Ionian Islands and the group of Sporades.


Luxury motor yacht charter Greece is available for charter in the Greek islands is in high demand, especially from May to September. 
So don't miss the boat! So as not to be disappointed, book your crewed yacht stay in Greece now and secure the boat that corresponds to your dream vacation, in terms of your aesthetic expectations, comfort, your interests on board, your culinary preferences and choose the crew that will give you experiences of a higher level.

Whether you are looking for a sailing yacht, a motor yacht or a catamaran, all4yachtcharter will present a selection of boats that will match your aspirations. 

We also help you to establish a tailor-made itinerary, so that your yacht stay is an inexhaustible pit of memories to cherish forever. 

Barents Sea:

The Barents Sea is a luxurious Mondomarine motor yacht 42m (137 feet), perfect for a stay afloat under the sign of joy and carefree. It can accommodate up to 12 guests in its 6 impeccably furnished suites, all elegantly furnished in a modern Italian style. 

There are 2 very spacious living spaces. The first is located on the main deck and the second on the upper deck, with its cinema projector. 

As for the outdoor spaces, they are perfectly arranged for relaxing, meeting and having meals outdoors. On the upper deck, guests can have an aperitif at the light bar or sit down, a drink in hand, in the jacuzzi.

If you are looking for the best mega yacht charter, do not hesitate to visit all4yachtcharter.


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