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Website and blog owners can get the best SEO service plans offered by Essdex and his team on Fiverr. To know his plans, read those points below. These points will allow you to select the package as per your purchasing power as of now.

The very basic plan

This plan is quite cheap. It amounts to be around Rs 3114 to Rs 5000. It depends on the urgency of this plan. This plan is for everyone who wants the basic technical setup of their website.

This plan, at most, takes 5 days to complete. But if you demand it for 3 days, then 1168 or so rupees will be charged extra. That’s how the amount goes up to Rs. 5000. 

Under this plan, your website can get an on-page SEO audit. The SEO specialists from Essdex’s team will optimize 5 websites or single-page images. They help your website links to be indexed properly. 

The standard plan

If you have started a website and started uploading more than 10-20 pages already, this plan is for you. This plan will cost you somewhere around Rs. 6228 to Rs. 9000. The charges are high when you demand to get it done before the stipulated time frame.

The usual timeline of this project is usually 10 days. But you can ask the team to complete the SEO of your website in 5 days in regards to this plan.

Under this plan, Essdex’s team optimizes up to 10 on page images and 10 content-based links. They help you set up XML sitemap and Robot.txt file as well. Without these two, the continuous crawling and indexing of your website pages will be in trouble. That’s why your website must have these two for sure to move ahead to the advanced SEO phase.

Apart from that, the team will ensure that your website or blog gets a total on-page SEO audit. The basic SEO plan basically remains included in the standard plan.

The premium website SEO plan

The premium website SEO package is for those who are ready to get AdSense approved for their websites. This plan is an expense or cost to your company that amounts to be Rs. 15000 to Rs. 18000. 

This plan has all the actions taken under the basic and standard plans. It consumes 20 days. Otherwise, with extra charge, you can demand Essdex, and his team to complete it 13 days at max. 

You will get a comprehensive on-page SEO audit under this plan. They help you with indexation, crawling, XML sitemap (updated), Robot.txt file setup and monitoring, compressing of images to optimize them fully. 

Then, they also help you with the HTTPS setup of your website for security purposes. That’s needed when you are generating a lot of traffic per day or month. 

Conclusion: is the link to Essdex’s plans and packages for your website’s SEO. Check SEO Service Fiverr properly before ordering.


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