Get Ahead In Accounting

Accounting is an occupation that will always be there and profitable – that is until we stop using money. That’s not going to happen any time soon. In fact, with an accounting degree you have a wide variety of career choices, including:

• Development of client budget
• Analyzing financial information
• Appraising property
• Forecasting revenue
• Preparing taxes and payments
• Maintaining public records
...and much more.

But who’s accounting?

Say you’re interested in working as a private accountant and you know someone who is interested in working with city or federal budgets. You both need to start at the same place - with accounting training – and then you can steer off into your own field of accounting as you learn and grow. Every single business out there needs some type of accounting service, from monitoring costs and efficiency to preventing fraud and handling budgets. Many businesses have an entire office filled with accountants, while others hire out from an accounting firm to handle their needs.

Why Accounting?

Think of it this way – accountants are always in demand. The job field of accounting is always open. As with any lucrative career, staying ahead of the game will keep it interesting and help you move ahead. If you like working with numbers, budgets, money, you will be a happy accountant.

Accountants need to consider these guidelines to stay ahead:

Keeping your computer and programs updated

Accounting is a technology-based profession. You’ll need to know and keep abreast of new software and technology. Outdated computers and programs will only put you in a rut.

Don’t like smart phones? Change your attitude.

Smart phones are powerful tools that can connect you with your clients and coworkers. Fresh technology will bump you up from the pigeon-hole image of being an old-fashioned stiff math person to inviting in tech savvy clientele.

Master other fields

Along with your accounting training, it’s a good idea to earn as many certifications in particular fields of accounting as you can get your hands around. Attend seminars and lectures and stay on top of new information. Accounting can be an exciting business and knowing something other accountants may not have a grasp on gives you the edge. Other certifications in information technology or business training can help you broaden your horizons.

Update your resume

Even after you get your degree and find a good job, keep that resume updated. If you’re learning something new on the job, put it in your resume. Completed a big project? Put it in your resume. That way, when you find yourself looking for a more lucrative position, you won’t have to spend a ton of time updating an old resume.

You can learn more about how to pursue a lucrative, interesting and fulfilling career in accounting while in accounting or business training.
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