General medical check-up: discover the importance of its performance

Many of us will have medical check-ups at work, and on many occasions, we do not know if they are really important to perform them. That is why at, we are going to clarify the true importance of these check-ups and if it is necessary to perform them once a year.

Day by day we are becoming more aware of the importance of prevention for health reasons, since in many cases if a disease or illness is suffered, it is easier to extinguish or cure it in its initial stages, which is why it is so important to diagnose it in its beginnings.

It is also important to carry out these medical check-ups at Auckland urgent care, if we have a family history of chronic diseases or any type of genetic hereditary disease, and if we suffer from any type of occupational risk factor such as work with toxic products.

Depending on the age of each person, more thorough or fewer check-ups should be carried out. For example, if a 35-year-old person who is going to start performing sports that involves a great effort is advisable to have a complete medical check-up, to make sure that the body can withstand the effort that is made.

Before the age of 35, if you do not have a job that exposes any occupational risk, it is not strictly necessary to have regular medical check-ups, but it is advisable by South Auckland doctor to check that the state of health is optimal.

General medical check-up: when should I have it done?

Depending on age, work, physical form and medical history, a more or less thorough medical check-up should be performed.
It is important that if you are interested in having a medical check-up, consult your family doctor first, to advise you on which one best suits you, since it is not necessary to undergo so many medical tests.

For example, a 20-year-old person will not need the same medical tests as a 50-year-old person. In the same way, a person who works in an office will not have the same physical needs as a person who is exposed to a large load of physical work.

From the age of 30, we should all have a general medical check-up in which the doctor can perform a review that includes blood and urine tests to control the proper functioning of the body.

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