Gary Pizzati’s Top 3 Reasons to Use Radio to Build Your Brand

For Gary Pizzati, radio has played a huge part in making him the man he is today. Having held multiple positions of responsibility in the radio industry, Gary Pizzati decided to pursue sales, and thus the marriage of his experience and desire to learn commenced. A proven leader with a track record for success, Gary Pizzati has been consistently promoted throughout his career and currently enjoys his position as Senior Vice President at Cumulus Media.

A man who knows what it takes to make something out of nothing, Gary Pizzati has dedicated his professional life to building brand awareness and increasing revenue for small and large businesses alike. Gary Pizzati asserts that the best method in which to build brand awareness is media, specifically radio. A form of media that has stood the test of time, Gary Pizzati knows the power of radio in building a company’s brand.

From turning heads by topping the sales charts, to turning dismal business projections into profits, Gary Pizzati knows his stuff. Gary Pizzati has repeatedly proven his ability to reach business goals with innovation and determination. Currently an executive with over 25 years of experience, Gary Pizzati shares the top three reasons radio should be used to build your brand.

First, it’s cost effective. Although not always the deciding factor when choosing the path your marketing plan takes, Gary Pizzati recommends having a clear budget in place for building your brand. Gary Pizzati understands the needs of both large and small businesses. A specific plus is the lack of video costs associated with traditional brand marketing via television. If you’re just starting out, Gary Pizzati asserts that you get more for your money when choosing radio.

Next, Gary Pizzati wants to remind business owners that the breadth of radio’s audience is nearly unlimited. Radio remains among the most popular of media options for many consumers (Gary Pizzati‘s company Cumulus Media reaches over 150 million listeners). Without having to reinvent the wheel, Gary Pizzati’s ensures business owners that radio is also flexible, able to adapt quickly to the changes a growing business experiences.

Last, Gary Pizzati believes that probably the most valuable benefit of radio is the ability to choose your own market. Whether you’re concentration is local or national, Gary Pizzati and his team are experts in achieving market specific business goals and brand building via radio. Gary Pizzati has worked miracles where others have failed and encourages awareness of the benefits of radio in building your brand.


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