FUZD- The newest e-way to fascinating friendships - across the globe!

When you belong to the iPhone family, you know that life is about being a part of the 'Privileged Elite'. There will always be special advantages and allowances that will make your Life a journey of 'Creative Freedom' and of 'Excellence'!
And FUZD does just that!
Man is a social animal - that means that he needs people and a suitable environment to survive. The wooded-and-the-wild-animal 'jungle' of the past has changed into a world of cyber networks and of virtual associations.
Long gone are the days when one had to dress up and step out to meet and network, both for personal as well as professional reasons.
Here at iFamily, we know you are special and that's why we make things that are unique, only for you!
The regularly trodden social networking pathways are not for you - so why should you be forced to walk upon them?
With FUZD, we have created a golden gateway to make life one super duper party!
All social networking boundaries have been annihilated!
You are no longer restricted to making friendship with only your phone contacts. If you want to find and chat with someone interesting - then there are no more endless actions and tiresome browsing to get into the right chat groups. No more identity gateways to cross or any more passwords to remember!
Just leave it to FUZD! FUZD is the social application available with iTunes and is your new 'SUPERTOOL'!
A multilingual chat application that offers a mix of messages, voice and video messages, to express all that you want!
Whether you are seeking love or you want to conduct business - in your homeland or overseas - communication is the only answer!
Long ago a touch and a rose went a long way to express heartfelt emotions - today it has been replaced with a plethora of smileys and creative life expression icons, clipart and other wonderful symbols! Your genuine laughter and your tears are conveyed in just a click with instant photographs, videos and voice messages. You can choose the way to communicate and make it absolutely personal.
With FUZD you can be a completely 'New You'!
New friends, new worlds, new cultures and new environments to explore - from the comfort of your bed or sofa or even an office executive chair!
You can add events, photographs, videos of things that make your personality more and more interesting. It is believed a picture says a thousand words! Crafting your profile has never been so easy!
The entire global connected network is at your finger tips! Make friends across the world, without the restrictions of language!
FUZD is your multilingual messaging application that helps you to convey what you want to say, even when on the go!
If you are thinking, why do I need a multilingual application - think again! Do you have an overseas potential partner who fits all your needs? Or offers you unbeatable prices? Every successful relationship is first a good friendship! So make friends - across the globe!
Communicating in one's native language, breaks the ice faster, and opens more doorways! The application allows you to translate into 32 languages - making interactions smooth and seamless - absolutely no barriers! A foreign soulmate can speak the language of love - only through FUZD!
Finding new friends - gives a boost to your confidence levels and affect your overall personality in the most positive manner. When you focus on finding new friends, you are basically focusing on the goodness of the world and yourself - a positive self esteem leads to enhanced productivity in personal and professional lives. As you let new friends in your life - your horizons of knowledge and acceptance expand - new culture, delectable cuisines, habits and guest hosting make your routine life - highly interesting and fascinating. Your tolerance levels and the humanity quotient change, simply because you have new friends from different cultures, religions, sensibilities and races. FUZD simply helps you to make a New You!
Notifications and updates happen magically - and with no effort from your side! No more battling with different and multiple applications for achieving simple and effective communication - even creating a virtual tour is a cake walk!
And this Supertool has another mind-blowing benefit - of Super Savings - as FUZD offers FREE online calls, everywhere! The further advantage is that you don't have to disclose any personal details, like your phone number - to join chat rooms, or to make calls.
And when you find that there are similar people across this globe, who think like you, who have the same tastes like you, who love the same hobbies - then your world - has just transformed into a Paradise - a heavenly place - that only FUZD can create.
FUZD has created a completely new phenomenon in the concept of 'Online Socializing'!
FUZD is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPods - There are many new experiences waiting to happen in your life, so what are you waiting for? Download the latest e-craze of the e-world - FUZD application right now!
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