French Talent Passport

France Residence Program was first introduced in the year 2016. It was labeled French Talent Passport Visa. The program was introduced to invite skilled professionals who would want to take up employment in France and another pathway was introduced for Entrepreneurs who want to invest and build business in France. Both pathways allow immigrants to first be in France on a temporary visa for the first 4 years and then be eligible for Permanent residency there.

France is the world’s most popular tourist destination. Every year it welcomes close to 80 million tourists in the country. The national motto of France is “liberty, equality and fraternity”. The legal system in France is still based on Napoleon Bonaparte’s civil code which was written in the 18th century after French Revolution. France is also the largest country which is part of European Union. France is known as the fashion hub of the world. Canned food had its birth in France. Stethoscope and Hot air balloons were also invented in France. France is also one of the top countries which banned throwing away of expired foods from their supermarkets. French language is considered an official language by many countries. France is also renowned for its beautiful forests and mountain ranges. The tallest Alps in Europe are in France known as the French Alps. French wines are world famous and can reach astronomical prices. Apart from main land France, there are many territories that belong to France Government.

As per 2018 statistics, almost 80% of the population who moved to France were happy with their move. According to 2016World Health Organization Data, people living in France can expect their Life to remain till they reach 83 years of age. France is house for many interactive museums and parks that can spark Children curiosity. Working in France is a joy, as France has mandated the work to be restricted to 35 hours in a week.

France is a good place to live, if one loves to travel and learn. France is filled with Alps, castles and Museums and amazing Palaces. And it is part of the European Union due to which people living in France get access to the rest of the European Union where they can live, study and work. One can get their Visa through Investment in France. However, it is important to learn French to live in France.

Process of French Talent Passport VISA –

Any high net-worth individual must create or participate in a commercial or industrial or artisanal or agricultural activity in France to be qualified under this program.

First the investor will enter France on a Temporary residency permit which bears the statement –“entrepreneur/ profession liberale” (self-employed in regulated ‘liberal’ profession). The Entrepreneur after arriving in France will be working towards building his business and complete all formalities in relation to the same. With this visa, one gets PR in Europe.

Documents required for the program -

  1. Business Plan proving the viability of the program
  2. Entrepreneur should provide documents to prove sufficient financial resources to support their project
  3. The Entrepreneur should be able to provide the right documents proving his personal net-worth and also the legality of the investment amount in France.
  4. The Entrepreneur should be able to produce documents supporting their no-criminal background.
  5. They also need to produce medical records proving their physical and mental stability.

Investors, Entrepreneurs, Company Directors, Employees and Start-up founders can utilize this program.

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French Talent Passport

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