FLATSEVEN Jackets and Coats Review

Jackets are something that can't miss from a man's wardrobe. Without doubt, thin jackets are needed during the summer, while thicker jackets are needed for the spring and autumn. Coats are something very useful for the winter, when the weather's cold and regular jackets don't keep us warm enough. However, these jackets and coats need to be very good, made from a proper fabric that would ensure you that your body will keep warm, but not too warm. Flatseven offers on its site a variety of coats and jackets, appropriate for any period of the year and any weather.

Product features

The men's jackets are made from a mix of cotton, wool or polyester. All these fabrics are known to be very good, used in all kind of aspects of the fashion. The cotton and the wool are natural fabrics, which are not allergenic and are biodegradable. They let the skin breathe and have a high protection against the UV rays, and they also make the clothes easy to clean. Over that, the polyester gives the clothes more strength and more durability. The natural fabrics are already elastic and resistant to stretching and other, but the polyester just makes them resistant to wrinkles and abrasion, and to other chemicals. Together, these fabrics retain the body heat very well, so their useful during the cold times of the year. On the site however there are also available men's leather jackets, jackets made completely of leather, which keep the body temperature cool during the summer, and make your appearance more stylish. The sizes are very detailed, you can pick your size very correctly by measuring everything. The general sizes available are S, M, L or XL.

The design and colors of the jackets vary from jacket to jacket. The men's leather jackets are black and stylish, giving you a modern and cool appearance, while the coats are looking classic and simple. They are available with pockets or without pockets, with zipper or buttons, in a regular design or an asymmetric one, depending on the jacket. The colors go from black to brown, grey and even white or blue, for a hint of casual as well.


The prices of the clothes are made for everyone’s budget. While the leather jackets, being made completely out of leather, are more expensive, going at around $400 or $500, the other types of jackets and coats are less expensive, and they can cost around $100.

Overall, all the men’s clothes on the site are of a very good quality. They’re comfortable to wear and they let the skin breathe, but still keep warm when needed to. The aspect is a plus, because you can find different designs on the site. Either you want a regular, classic jacket, or a more interesting one, they meet all the standards when it comes to appearance. Flatseven’s jackets are a pretty good option when it comes to picking a new cloth, because they’re affordable, durable and useful.

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