Find Out Essdex SEO Gig Plan On Fiverr According To Your Need

Essdex and his team are quite popular in India, the USA, and around for the SEO services to multiple companies on the net. They offer numerous SEO gig plans. If you need any type of SEO for your website, you must know about these gig plans in advance. 

Read the explanation of these gig plans mentioned below to make a better SEO decision later on for your valuable website.

The basic plan

It starts with Rs. 3096 (excluding the external fee) for Indian clients. It will include on and off-page SEO services for up to 5 pages of your website. 

Essdex and his team ensure a complete SEO audit. Then, they also offer you index optimization. They can also provide you with the optimization of images for up to 5 files on your website. This will also include their metatags. 

You can ask Essdex and his hired team members for faster delivery of service for the basic SEO gig plan. But it will have extra charges. The standard time to deliver their services is five days. You can ask them as you place your order to provide all these services in just three days.

This is the best plan for those companies who have a single-page website. Or else, if you are starting anew, go for the basic SEO gig plan.

The standard plan

This plan is slightly better than the previous one. It will include all the basic SEO plan services, including image optimization, on-page SEO audit, and index optimization, up to ten images and links. 

However, there are more things added to this plan, including the XML sitemap and Robots.txt file. With these services from Essdex and his team, your website will be one step closer to becoming quite professional.

The XML sitemap and Robots.txt file make it easier for Google to index, crawl, and rank your sites better than ever.

So, while planning to get your official business site ranked on Google Search Engine pages, go for this plan. You need a sitemap and Robots.txt for that.

Keep in mind, the charges of this plan are higher. The delivery time can be 5 or 3 days. It depends on the urgency and the investment you can afford.

The premium plan

This plan is the ultimate one. It has everything mentioned in the standard plan + other services. Essdex and his cover up to 25 website pages for complete optimization. They look after your site’s page speed, 40 content links. Then, they manage your sitemap, Robots.txt file, compress images, remove penalties from Google Search Console, if any. 

They help you in creating the entire HTTPS setup for your domain and hosting plan. This is the way to make your website secured, fast, and reliable. 


If you ready to get SEO gig plans for your business site, check Essdex’s link:


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