Feeding Your Cat - Everything You Need To Know

Having a cat in your life is a lovely feeling that only feline lovers will be able to describe. But having a cat in your life is also a responsibility that the pet owner must learn how to bear. The animal is just like a toddler - full of energy and enthusiasm yet dependent on you for just about anything and everything, including food. Being the human to your cat, you need to know what you are getting into, especially when it comes to the health of the animal under your care. And when you are talking about health, the matter of what to feed your cat demands immediate attention.

To help you figure out how to deal with being a cat owner, we have put together this guide with everything that you need to know about cat food in Singapore. Use it to the best of your advantage and provide your feline friend with a loving and caring environment where it can survive and thrive.

The science of cat nutrition

Cats are an obligate carnivore which means that they heavily depend on nutrients in animal tissue to fulfil their bodily requirements. Therefore, unlike dogs that can survive on a vegetarian, human-food like diet, cats need meat in order to maintain a healthy state of being. Their food needs to be rich in more than down different nutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fats. Water is also extremely important for cat diets as it helps the animal in regulating its body temperature. So, all in all, you need to be very careful when making your choice of the best food for your feline, even if you are browsing through the products available at your cat shop in Singapore.

Homemade diets a possibility?

Feline nutrition requires a delicate balance of different substances - a combo that is risky to provide for through homemade diets. Excess or scarcity of any necessary element will only go on to hamper the health of your pet. Despite its innate hunting instincts, a pet cat is used to living in a protective state of being under the care of its human. It cannot be expected to fend for itself or to give you any indication that something is missing from its diet until the lack of nutrition becomes prominent. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the best cat food in Singapore that you can afford for your pet and ensure that proper meals are provided to it at regular intervals to ensure proper nutrition and health for the animal.

Brands that are prominent

When it comes to feline nutrition, Royal Canin cat food in Singapore is considered to be the most trusted and sought after brand by feline lovers. It offers the perfect balance of nutrients and fiber and is available in different varieties that you can choose from in accordance with the age and bodily needs of the feline you have under your care.

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