Faith like a child explained

The concept of "Childlike Faith" could be explained by answering a probable question from a child: "What is faith?"

To get on a vehicle driven by others, should you trust the driver? Why? If it causes an accident we risk our lives, because for the entire duration of the trip we entrusted it to him.

The goal of the devotion is to transform us to be more and more like Jesus, recognize our smallness and depend on God as children.
Former narrators say that devotion to the Divine Child began on Mount Carmel (Israel) since according to tradition, Christ often went to that place to walk and pray with his parents, Joseph and Mary, and his grandparents, St. Joaquin and Saint Ana.

Faith is like getting on a bus guided by God in person. When we choose to get on the bus driven by Jesus and choose to make the journey with him we know that, of course, it will be a safe journey.

Maybe it will not take us where we want to go because, maybe, there where we would like to go is not a place sure. But we know that our driver will take us where he knows it's best for us, but we must want to make the journey with him, we must allow it.

Do you have to pay for this trip? No, you don't pay, it's free! The only thing God asks of us is: "Do you want to make this journey with me?" If we answer yes, we leave; if we say no to him; he reluctantly accepts our decision and leaves.

But throughout our whole life, until death, he will continue to ask us this same question - Do you want to travel with me? He will always try to take us with him, to walk together.

On the bus guided by God, we can take all of us: Parents, relatives, friends, even enemies. Yes, they too! To show him that it is better to be friends and make the journey together, discovering during the journey that those we believed were enemies, they were just people who thought differently from us.

This journey will surely lead us to a place we call paradise that is in the only existing place where we can always be in company, of that driver who brought us to safety. We will realize that we did well to trust God, to give him our whole life in the hands! See where he took us? We were right to have Faith like a Child!


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