Facebook Testing A New Texting App Like Snapchat For Instagram


Facebook has been testing a texting app, much like Snapchat for Instagram. The new app is named as Threads.


The app will be an extension to the Close Friends function added to Instagram previous fall. A basic add-on that allowed users to make a compilation of selected people to showcase their more personal content, which they do not want to show to everyone. There has been no official comment from Instagram regarding this feature.


The screenshots for the app were leaked, and it looked like Instagram’s popular texting feature, except the messages were appearing in a central feed along with the friends’ stories. There was also a green icon to indicate which of your friends were online. Threads include a camera to share videos and photos directly to the targeted group. It encourages the automatic sharing of smartphone functions like battery life and location.





Threads will allow the users to send private text messages to their closest friends. It will also enable them to automatically update the status and share it the most intimate friends. The feature will be most complementary to Instagram text messaging function without having to worry about the not-so-close Instagram friends.


This feature seems to be Facebook’s reply to Snapchat, who stated that they prioritize friends over creators. This has been Snapchat’s core motto since the redesign in 2018. Facebook has not backed down from taking inspirations from Snapchat like the story cloning feature.


Facebook has been continually trying to create a similar sort of private messaging app. Instagram worked on a private texting app called Direct in 2017. However, the project was given up in May this year as Facebook concluded that people just do not want to switch between two apps to text.


There are over 190 million active users for Snapchat daily, while Instagram has an even more impressive stats of 500 million daily users. However, it is noted that people spend more time on Snapchat as they have designed the apps for their up and close relationships.




Facebook has been continually trying to enhance its services after the backlash the previous year. It has been tempting people to Instagram with new and improved features. Some of the recent steps from Facebook can alleviate its position and social image. With several apps like Messenger and WhatsApp, Facebook is trying to provide various platforms for the users.


Threads may be a good step from Facebook to enhance its user accessibility and customization. This will certainly allow users to keep close friends even closer and updated.





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