Enjoy the best Indian Food in Kuala Lumpur with great hospitality

Indian food is different from the rest of the planet not only in taste but also in cooking methods and is better known for its spiciness. It reflects a perfect mix of various cultures and tastes. Throughout India, spices are used generously in food. But one must not forget that every single spice used in Indian dishes carries some the other nutritional also as medicinal properties. The tantalizing aroma, enticing spices and rich taste of the cuisine are tough to resist utterly unforgettable.

Indian food can make anyone go crazy with its amazing taste or flavor. There are many of us living away from the country and keep missing the essence of the country. But there is no need to get worried. People who wish to get showered with some Indian feeling or essence should go for the best Indian food in KL. Carrying this rich tradition from India, Gajaa at 8 brings the best assortment of Indian food in Kuala Lumpur. If you are on a lookout for great south Indian food, then your search stops right here at Gajaa at 8 again- A place dedicated to celebrating the uniqueness of the food, especially the traditional Indian variety. South Indian food is extremely popular everywhere in India and internationally also. Dosa, idli, rasam, sambhar, curd rice, lemon rice is some of the favored dishes.

Gajaa at 8 is one of the leading restaurants to bring the last word authentic Indian experience to your table with creative and unique food creation on the menu. We offer two different ambiences all under one roof; with the indolent landscape. We Gajaa at 8 restaurants always looks forward to satiating the senses of the whole family in a very cosy setting.

With a sprawling menu to cater to our guest's needs, Gajaa at 8 is the preferable option for Indian Food in Kuala Lumpur. Our menu offers great south Indian and Kerala food varieties All the delights from Gajaa menu Chef's special are laced with enriching spices from India and sure to bring satisfaction to your palate.

Indian food is different from the rest of the planet not only in taste but also in cooking methods. The fact can't be ignored that whenever you have the delicious Indian food, it makes you get full of great feelings. It reflects an ideal blend of various cultures and ages. So if you are in search of the best restaurant serving delicious Indian food, then Gajaa at 8 is the ultimate choice you can make.

For more information about Indian food in KL and the menu or more please, call us at 03-2201 7369 or visit our website HERE; http://www.gajaas.com/


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