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One of many benefits of applying laser for material cutting is the possibility of obtaining very narrow and perfectly parallel cutting edges. Moreover, the area of the material that is modified during the cutting operation is very small. The laser allows cutting extremely complicated designs despite really small curve radii. The bit where in actuality the cut is created never undergoes mechanical distortions as as an alternative happens often all through cutting with different mechanical systems and might have surfaced already lined without these being broken or modified.

In the goldsmith field, laser handling occurs on important metals such as for example silver and silver, but also non-precious metals such as for example steel marking punches and copper, and allows the engraving of abbreviations, names, and phrases on rings, necklaces, industrial engraving and more. Laser engraving allows accurate work with even items with rounded or irregular surfaces. The utilization of laser engraving on medical tools, thanks to their many benefits, is nowadays very frequent and widespread in the medical industry.

The laser allows any medical system and any kind of code to be etched forever and non-toxic, as well as making marks as an anti-counterfeiting evaluate, giving all the data necessary to meet the key UDI (Unique Device Identification) or MDR (Medical Device Regulation). The key areas of software of Engraving services  are mechanical, micro-cutting and satin finishing, silver and medical.

In the mechanical field, embossing tool is conducted on conforms, electrodes, punctures, and matrices by moving the 3-axis beam. Laser engineering presents many benefits for engraving metals such as for example steel (hardened and stainless), aluminum, bronze and alloys, steel, titanium, as well as copper and graphite. The engraving occurs without direct connection with the workpiece and does not present risks of deformation, scratching or change of the components, therefore ensuing also relevant to finished products.

Because of this, identifications such as for example successive numbers, rules, manufacturers, and images may be applied in hi-def to products and services and parts, by tracing curves, satin materials or screened materials on the workpiece. The laser beam also perfectly engraves the photos and the welded areas of the conforms, as a result of possible structure mistakes or to modifications of the shape itself. Depending on the type of style and the parameters in use, contouring, filling, clearing and burglary consequences may be acquired on the workpiece, satin finishing with variations on the other hand and even yet in color.


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