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Who would desire to give-up the easy-to-use and portable plastic water bottles to quench their thirst? They are plentiful all across the globe from a small village in Africa to the world's busiest city, at a feasible price; they come in various sizes, ranging from small to family-sized bottles. They come with countless benefits; therefore, all an immediate exactly why is the scientific community urging the human-kind to diminish its consumption of plastic water bottles?

Some water, albeit a small fraction, comes from fresh water streams. However, about than 25% of the water sold by bottled water companies comes from the municipal water supply. Plastic water bottled suppliers, such as for example; Nestle, Aquafina, and Coke have admitted that their water comes from the general public municipal water, not fresh water streams, while they project inside their advertisements.

The answer may appear complicated initially sight, but it is not as such. The marketers, by employing their advertising gimmicks, such as for example utilizing evocative scenery, pastoral lands, and clean ‘white'rivers have led individuals into thinking that plastic bottled water is ‘the'most nutritious, pure and healthy water purification filters available on Mother Earth. Experts, inside their studies, have concluded that plastic bottled water is not as safe as people believe it to be.

The controversy is not only about bottled water vs. filtered tap water; many people drink both, owing to life's different circumstances. What many people do not know is that pure water is not as safe as they think it would be. In 1999, under a situation sponsored program, bottled water from 103 companies was tested, and it had been concluded that everyone in three bottled water is unsafe for human consumption. The unhealthy water was found to be contaminated with life threatening bacteria and carcinogens. From an economic viewpoint, best water purification system is thrice as cheap as consuming bottled water.

Although representatives of bottled water companies have argued innumerable times that their purified water system fulfills the government's criteria, and their filtered water is state approved, the stark reality is not even close to it. In many countries, the federal government exercises negligible control over provincial matters, and all of the water sold within a province is ‘purified'within its geographical boundaries. Many companies that have claimed that their filtered water is hygienic, as per investigation, it's been learned that their system of domestic water purification is either non-existent or doesn't fulfill the government's criteria.


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