Digital Marketing World in 2017

Like every blogger, it is a procedure to start with basics, and its categories then move on a bit deeper into the topic as article progress. We always point out that the internet is future. Every Business revolves around the web, so does their marketing. The term digital marketing has various sectors to deal with, and everyone has its own impact towards people. It includes,
Search Engine Optimization
Adwords -- Pay Per Click
Social Media Optimization
Search Engine Optimization:
Search Engine Optimization is the process of ranking a website and its webpage in Search Engine Results Page. The process involves on page optimization, off page optimization, link building, authority building and much more. In recent times, the progress has been huge and did the speculation of its downfall. What so ever, Search Engine Optimization lays the basis for everything in digital marketing in 2017. When the basics are strong, there won't be any big wrong in next steps.
Adwords -- Pay Per Click(PPC):
As the name suggests, it is about the Ads and Pays for what users click. Adwords is the second most step taken after search engine optimization for digital marketing. Adwords will be shown in the search engine once the campaign is entirely set up. Pay Per Click is based on the keyword competition, which parallely reflects on the bid for every keyword. Experts started to migrate from SEO to Adwords since they had tasted the high conversion rate. No matter what, SEO is the bow, where Adwords reaches the target as an Arrow.

Social Media Optimization:
In Social Media Optimization, every medium is performing a role to advertise the business who get into it. Now experts initiated their campaigns in most engaging platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where both are now from the same vendor. Advertising through such medium will make a brand impact towards the audience in the circle which you had targeted.
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