Different Types of Openers That You Must Review

Garage door opener is the crucial part of any door. The type of opener you choose will decide the performance of your door. You can seek assistance from our qualified technicians about different types of openers and their maintenance.

Garage door is the source that allows you easy and quick access to your garage. It also provides coverage and protection to your vehicles and stops the unnecessary elements from getting entry into the garage. At the earlier stage, doors were operated manually, people need to put in physical force to raise or drop the door. This method was slightly annoying as you had to get off the vehicle every time regardless of the climatic condition.

For the convenience of the people, manufacturers created door openers. The major manufacturers of garage door Guelph firms are offering wide range of openers of all the leading brands across Guelph. Opener is a mechanized device allows easy and quick access to the door as people just have to push the opener remote button to open or close the door. Openers might appear same to people but in reality there are few different types of openers. The structure and weight of the door are considerable factors deciding the type of opener for your door. The most popular types of openers are belt drive, screw drive and chain drive.

Screw Drive Opener

Screw drive openers work on screw mechanism that is used to open the door. It means that whenever you operate the door, the screw will turn and pull up the door. Most of the people prefer to have screw driven openers as unlike belt drives they require less maintenance. Belts require periodic maintenance and replacement. Screw driven openers are considered as average grade opener solutions. It is quieter than chain drive but cannot compete with belt drive. It is equipped with a very few moving parts.

Belt Drive Openers

When it’s about choosing the ideal opener for residential settings, belt drive is the name that people rely on. Belt drive works on the same mechanism as like chain drive opener. You need to push the button that will trigger the motor and instructing the belts to pull the door. People having garages near or underneath a house, prefer to go with belt drive openers as they are much quieter and effective. Though, they are expensive but provide true value for money.  

Chain drive Openers

Chain driven motors are uses the chain to raise or drop the door. They are cost-effective and used widely in commercial sectors. They create a lot of noise which is slightly annoying. They can be your best alternative if you seek sturdy and reliable opener.

Make sure you choose the opener that meets your door requirement. There are numerous brands offering wide range of openers to complement your doors. Never forget there is an opener for every garage door.

We, at Dormaster Garage Door Services, offer all three crucial types of openers for every kind of door. Our certified technicians render emergency assistance round-the-clock. We repair and replace every make and model of door and their parts in less than no time.

Promaster provides instant assistance for garage door related problems. We have expert technicians who are ready to render their professional guidance 24/7. Garage Door Repair Guelph offers maintenance and replacement of garage door parts at reasonable rates.


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