Deborah O'Flaherty - A Strong Skillset and Proven Experience

Deborah O’Flaherty has been a dedicated professional in the Florida Child Welfare Community for many years, and continues to set herself apart as a dedicated, passionate and goal-driven individual with strong and capable leadership skill. Currently a Certified Child Welfare Protective Investigator and authorized agent of the Florida Child Protective Investigative Services program, O’Flaherty has received the extensive training, education and experience needed to add value to her team, and her organization, for many years to come.

Motivated and self-driven, Deborah O’Flaherty has acquired extensive experience in a management position, having successfully managed and led multiple staffs and committees throughout her career. She has also consistently demonstrated a strong proficiency and competence in the design, development and implementation of comprehensive strategy and strategic plans essential to her organization’s efficient and effective function.

O’Flaherty’s experiences ranges anywhere from handling childcare programs and public relations duties to operational management, where she has proven, time and again, to have a knack for both assessing and formulating policies essential to organizational efficiency, as well as to provide skilled overall program direction. Known as both a reliable and results-oriented individual, O’Flaherty not only has a solid familiarity and grasp of numerous and various resources throughout the community, but also the ability to cultivate and build strong strategic partnerships that work towards supporting and growing essential community development programs.

Deborah O’Flaherty is also quite often noted for her exceptional communications skills, whether that be interpersonally or through various written or verbal means. She has a demonstrated proficiency for building strong and effective communications channels across multiple sectors of the community, all the while maintaining a solid portfolio of contacts.

One thing that continues to serve O’Flaherty exceptionally well is her ability to forever maintain both an open mind and an open heart, a compassion and reasoning ability that has helped to make her such an effective child welfare professional throughout the course of her career. Her ability to maintain clarity, to demonstrate compassion and to work with others underlines what is already an impressive professional skillset, one that continues to fuel her success as a Child Protective Investigator Supervisor.

Deborah O’Flaherty continues to look towards the future, not only of her career, but also of the child welfare field. Her current aspiration is to continue capitalizing on her skills, experience and expertise to both complete organizational objectives and to be of value to the field for many years to come.

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