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Data traffic management becomes essential to manage the traffic as the city population grows. Indeed, this technology has become significant for the quality of life, safety of the environment and economic productivity. 

What is data traffic management?

Data traffic management is the process of supervising and controlling network traffic to reduce congestion. It includes sensors and traffic signals to control and monitor to respond to traffic conditions. Basically, it is designed to centrally control sensors and traffic signals on the main roads of the cities.

What are the applications of data traffic management?

  • Measure and count speed and classify vehicles as per their length. To install it permanently, every lane has one sensor. 
  • Detect queue formation
  • Count the bicycles on bicycles tracks
  • Transmit vehicle speed to a control centre  
  • Integrate a speed measurement sensor into an equipment
  • Collect traffic data for other applications
  • Integrate a speed and count measurement sensor into an equipment 
  • Count vehiclesat the stop line of a traffic light or on continuous section

Where to get consulted for data traffic management?

Icoms Detections S.A. is the right destination to get the services of data traffic management. It offers different sensors to manage the traffic data such as;

  • TMS-QD

The TMS-QD is used to detect the formation of traffic congestions and also the return to regular traffic flow. Additionally, it can be connected to a warning sign to start a “queue information” alert message or specify a load-shedding route.


The TMS-Hyperloop is a radar which counts vehicles. It is used to counting with the classification of speed (Vx / Vy), length (LV/ HV), and direction (A / B).

  • TMS-SA

The TMS_SA is a road traffic counter used to identify black spots and conduct periodic measurement campaigns while it is installed easily and increases the safety of installers. The radar measures and counts the length and speed of vehicles on a lane by the direction of travel. 


The correctness of your traffic management system relies among other things, on the reliability of the road traffic data sensors. Whether for temporary or permanent road management, you need to install reliable equipment. Icoms Detections has been designing and manufacturing reliable traffic sensors since 1993, visit for more information on traffic management sensors. 


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