Complete Automation of CAPA Process in Orcanos QMS

The Corrective and Preventive Action also referred to as CAPA is a very important integral part of any quality management system for pharmaceutical industries. Having an effective CAPA ensures that your company or organization is constantly working towards reducing the failures in the production, weakness, or testing of drugs and digging deeper for investigating the root causes and problems and then learning and improving them from these causes. The corrective and preventive actions empower the organization to correct the existing nonconformity of product and quality issues and then preventing the occurrence of the problem. If the FDA auditor is not satisfied with your quality management system (QMS) to manage CAPA then as an organization owner, it may cost you with a penalty and you may receive a warning letter.

The perception about CAPA differs from company to company; some think CAPA as some kind of task given to them to complete in order to stay compliant, while others look at CAPA as a number based metric that needs to be reduced immediately. But you need to know that CAPA is actually used to effectively manage the complete lifecycle and in simple words, it is also defined as a system which provides the tools for the complete evaluation, identification and investigation of a deviation. CAPA empowers quality management system (QMS) to be self-correcting and the tools are used to determine, implement and check the effectiveness of a resolution.

Today, most of the companies using a manual paper-based system for managing CAPA and this are the reason; all those companies are facing complexities such as:

  • Poor communication
  • Poor CAPA reporting
  • Unsecure system and error-prone
  • Lack of CAPA oversight
  • Consume cost, efforts and time

Orcanos is the only reputable company that provides CAPA automation software which is specially designed after experiencing the industry-wide requirements to effectively manage the process. And this software is also used to integrate it with another quality process for attaining compliance. Orcanos CAPA automation software solution helps an organization to get complete automation of CAPA process in Orcanos QMS System and also make sure that all measures are identified to solve the issues and also ensures that the complaint related to quality is taken care of. It also provides a single unified platform for electronically evaluate, identify, analyze and investigate the incidents and also helps to make sure that similar types of errors are not repeated.

Orcanos CAPA management system as part of Orcanos Quality Management System (QMS) ensure all the regulation compliance, while completely automating CAPA process from the beginning stage to investigation and closure. Our Orcanos CAPA system is fully integrated with Orcanos electronic quality management system (e-QMS) to support medical device compliance. To know more details about Orcanos please visit our website here:


CAPA Medical Device


Orcanos provides an cloud ALM system that combines quality (QMS) and regulations into the R&D process, thus assuring better FDA, ISO, CE compliance.

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