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Finding the laptop that best suits our needs is not trivial. The market is full of manufacturers in which it is worthwhile to look for the quality of their products. And, also, the catalog of each one of them is usually full of interesting proposals. We must say that makes this task very easy. On this platform, you can check all the latest models of laptops and portable laptop charger.
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We have a very wide range of options from which we can choose. But, at the same time, the selection process can be overwhelming before such diversity and a priori attractive equipment.

The purpose of this article is precise to help you find the laptop you are looking for. But to do so, it is crucial that before you begin to investigate each one of you, identify your needs. 

The challenges begin: 

The first challenge we face when organizing this guide is the need to classify laptops. We can use several criteria, but since what really interests us is to find the right option because of its affinity with the use that we are going to give it, the most reasonable thing is that our starting point is two great categories: equipment for gamers, which First of all, they will be used in a playful scenario, and general-purpose laptops. Before you make a purchase, it is advisable to check the latest laptop news online.


If your budget is restrained and you are only going to use your laptop for office automation, surf the Internet and play multimedia content, an entry-level machine equipped with an Intel Core i3 microprocessor or an AMD Ryzen 3 CPU with Radeon Vega graphics logic 6 can perfectly solve your needs. 


Today the minimum amount of RAM that we must support is 8 GB, but if we want the performance to not suffer when running several applications or manipulating large files it is better to opt for 16 GB, or even more.

However, if we also use our laptop to retouch photographs, edit video, model 3D objects, or simply to manipulate large files, our starting point should be 16 GB of RAM.

In this way, we will prevent the operating system from being forced to constantly resort to virtual memory, a strategy that would significantly penalize its performance even if we have a last-batch SSD unit.

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