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The answers to your questions is the audience measurement of your website , Wa and web analytics .

An analysis of the statistics of your visitors , of your customers allows you to take in hand the increase of ROI. According to statistics, the B to C has a growth of more than 7%.

Knowing your customers means providing answers to their needs

  • What are the key words that bring the traffic ?

  • What are the most relevant words that drive traffic?

  • What is the return on investment on the SEO campaign?

  • Which page gives the most conversion (registration, purchase, making contact)

  • Which page attracts the most user?

  • Objectives of a webanalytics for e-commerce

  • Increase the turnover of his website

  • Doing B to C: Business to consumer

  • Increase product offerings relative to visitors' origins

  • Retain new customers by adapting their site and pages

  • Improve return on investment on link exchanges, SEO, advertising campaign

Respond to your expectations and your questions with tips to improve traffic and actions to perform with analysis. The analysis of visitor traffic is not enough, we couple it with KPIs, performance indices.

Define your KPIs

Analyze KPIs as dashboards

After analyzing the results, you can call on the optimization of your SEO to increase visibility, loyalty and profitability. But that's not all, you can adapt your interface to the needs of customers.

Our services are each time very specific and depend on your business.

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