Causes and remedies of clothes stink after washing:

Closed washing machine drum:

Being as orderly as we are, we have now cooked and cleaned our washing machine and then dutifully closed the washing machine door - and thereby ruined our success.

The reason: after washing always remains a residue of water in the drum and in general, all doors and rubbers are still wet. So close the door immediately after the wash, the moisture stays in and the machine can not dry.

With this, we have created a perfect environment for the bacteria to reproduce again. The washing machine then turns more and more with each wash in a brooder for bacteria.

So it is important that the drum can air after every wash. Never close the washing machine door immediately, otherwise, this could soon take its revenge on musty laundry. The same applies to the dispenser, this should also ventilate.

Short and cold wash programs:

If you're big fans of the quick wash, you might want to reconsider your strategy. The laundry is visually quickly clean, but if it was previously heavily soiled, germs remain.

As suggested by Cleaners near me, in this case, you should think about a pre-wash or an extra rinse. Maybe this is exactly the tip of the Libra, which helps you to freshly scented laundry.

The wonder weapon: hygiene rinse:

In addition to an extra wash can also hygiene rinse is used. Many garments, if not most, are not suitable for over 40-degree washes. Most bacteria, which cause the bad smell, survive even 40 degrees without any problems.

As a result, we sometimes get rid of the smell only with the help of disinfectants. Fortunately, sanitary rinse consists mostly of disinfectants and fragrances. So sanitary rinse can actually be the solution to the problem. However, people with sensitive skin should resort to fragrance-free hygiene rinse. This irritates the skinless.

Laundry stays too long:

Probably the most obvious reason for greasy laundry is probably that we leave the wet laundry too long in the drum. Again, the principle applies: damp laundry is a great breeding ground for bacteria. If you leave wet clothes, odor-causing bacteria can multiply in them. So if you forgot your laundry and left it in the washing machine for a few hours, nothing would help but just toss it on again.

By the way: The freshly washed clothes or the towels start to stink even if you fold them up before they are completely dried. So before folding and stowing necessarily feel, if there is residual moisture.

If you are still suffering from stinks, you can use Cleaners near me service.


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