Caribbean Investments – Antigua & Barbuda

These twin islands located in the Caribbean islands are amazing bewitching. They have 365 beaches which allows one to enjoy one beach every day all through the year. This country is known as the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean islands. The Government of Antigua started the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by investment program in the year 2014 and since has accepted qualified investors as the citizens of the country.

They have a clean thorough process to grant their citizenship in exchange for the investment that the investor makes in the country.

To be eligible under this program the investor has to fulfill one of the below conditions-

  1. IF the applicant is applying with a family of 4, they have to make a donation of USD$ 100,000 to the National Development fund
  2. If the number of applicants are a family of 5, then they need to make a donation of USD $125,000 to the National development fund
  3. If the applicant intends to invest in the pre-approved real estate of the islands, the minimum investment required is USD $400,000. This investment should be maintained by the investor for a minimum of 5 years
  4. If the applicant intends to invest in a business in the country, then the minimum required investment is USD $1.5 million if investment is being done by a single investor. If there are multiple investors, then the total investment value together will be equal to USD $5 million, with each investor pitching in a minimum of USD $400,000

Other conditions that one needs to fulfill to qualify under this Caribbean investment program are –

  1. Medical certificate proving strong mental and physical health
  2. Certificate from local bodies where the investor is a citizen currently, proving that the investor is free from any kind of criminal background
  3. Application should be submitted through a registered investment immigration agent

Benefits –

  1. Dual citizenship. Government of Antigua & Barbuda will never reveal the successful applicant’s status in country unless situation arises
  2. The applicant need not live in the country at any given point of time
  3. The application process gets completed in 3 to 4 months’ time
  4. The applicant can enjoy living in the beautiful island with less pollution while enjoying the beaches there
  5. The successful immigrant can travel to more than a 100 countries visa free with help from the country’s passport.
  6. The Government has ensured that the new citizens will have less tax burdens.

Other Caribbean islands like Dominica’s citizenship by investment are also one of the most important citizenship programs in the islands.

It is important that the aspirant applicant approaches the right investment immigration expert to process their application. Investors need to identify the right investment program that can satisfy their needs. The investment experts will have first-hand information about the various investments for which each one is qualified for and then proceed as required.

XIPHIAS Immigration has tied up with multiple business houses and real estate agents who can help their clients the right manner possible. They will help their clients identify the best investment program and stay with them throughout the process. The return on investment is important. XIPHIAS tailor makes their solutions based on all of the above mentioned concerns.








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